Saturday, 1 August 2009

You may not be the best actress, but honey you got STYLE

I've been meaning to post these pictures for ages. Emma Watson: perhaps "shit" is a bit harsh but there's alot lacking when it comes to her performance skills however I'll forgive her because this girl knows how to work, not only an outfit, but the camera when it comes to photoshoots and fashion. I just LOVE the feline-inspired eye make-up and the whole smokey dark eyes, pale lips and Bed-Head hair thing. The clothes are also to die for. I guess it's kind of a marmite thing cause on the plane on the way to Berlin I had this magazine with me and alot of my friends thought she looked awful. Personally I think she looks AMAZING and there's not a trace of that awful shrill straight-laced Hermione in there.


  1. oh i love these pics. ur so right, emma has amazing style even tho i'm not a big fan of hers. i especially love the 2nd and last photos. great job

  2. Thanks so much for visiting, hope you have enjoyed the blog, I'll also open a shop very soon with some cool DIY items please come and check it out.

    See you soon.

  3. yes, she has amazing style, and yes, she is quite a poor actress... but hey, she looks pretty great, no?

  4. Yeah lol that was kind of the whole point of the post. Thanks for all your comments. I personally really love her trousers in the last picture and the top with the hordes of statement necklaces in the second to last xoxox

  5. you have an awesome blog :)
    i do love emma watson, i decided my hate for her was jealousy.