Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Everything can be resolved with a cup of tea

I think the english must have Earl Grey running through their veins instead of blood. The amount of tea we drink is quite laughable. My taste buds aren't sophisticated enough to enjoy coffee and even on the tea front I can't keep down fruit tea, mint tea or green tea (I discovered this after a violent rejection to some in Morroco a few years ago) but I never say no to a good ole cup o' PG Tips with a bit of milk and lots of sugar. Whenever one of my friends is upset or whenever I'm feeling maudlin there always seems to be tea involved in the healing process (I know what you're thinking, we're oh-so Rock n' Roll). Most of the time all we're drinking is stained hot water but as Benjamin BUtton says: "Where I come from, folks just like it to be hot". Amen to that.

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