Friday, 26 June 2009

Times are hard for Dreamers

I didn't really anticipate to write about "sensitive" issues when I started this blog but I feel the need to right now. You're probably reading this thinking, "What an ignorant little girl. She doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about. Aw, she wants peace! What a worthless dreamer!" and maybe I am just re-iterating what thousands have said before me but that doesn't make my belief of these words any less stronger. I was browsing the internet today and mostly I find some really inspiring things on other people's blogs but I stumbled across a group blog which incited racial hatred and encouraged division through the use of photoshopped propaganda but what surprised me was that it wasn't written by pathetic lowly idiots but by educated respected men- it makes you contemplate the value of an education if you are disciplined to rationalise and come out with child-like grudges and impose them on others? Now, I'm all for freedom of speech but when it's purpose is to infuse prejudices among us and encourage us from distancing ourselves from a particular race, nationality or religion then I think that's an abuse of our rights. These are rights that some people do not have and that we take for granted. It upset me greatly seeing this particular website (I won't say what it is because I don't want to promote their bullshit) and seeing it makes it easy to lose all faith in humanity but if I look at my country for example. Britain is multi-cultural (like many other countries) and I wouldn't have it any other way. Most people acknowledge this and over the years it has helped Britain become more tolerant and understanding. I would hate for us to turn on each other that all because of people like this re-igniting old feuds and using the crisis in the Middle East as a metaphor to parallel any situation around the world. When there's so many internal problems for the people in places like Iran, China, Tibet and the Phillipines, is it really necessary to spark a division between humanity all because of some people's old grudges? I will end by saying this: No matter what their "Grander Scheme" is, it is NEVER necessary to acheive this through the loss of human lives and innocent bloodshed.

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