Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Things to do when you have severe insomnia

If it's 3am and the Diphenhydramine HCI (standard over-the-counter sleep aids) is not working then just take pearls of wisdom from my bitter experiences and kill time in the follwoing ways...

1. Read every magazine you own-even if it's packed with last season's clothes- and read all the articles about the dangers of eyebrow shaping even though you couldn't give a shit, it might come in handy one day.
2. Try on all your clothes and customise the puffyness of your 1950's floral prom dress and even though you just bought two new dresses and a shirt silently complain that you have nothing to wear the next day.
3. Try to watch all those episodes of "The Big Bang theory" online that you've been meaning to watch for ages.
4. Experiment with every lip colour you own and mix them in a palette
5. Draw on your dressing room mirror in lipstick
6. Attempt to do any homework you have to do (yeah, right!)
7. DON'T go on msn- it just reminds you that the rest of the world is sleeping and it's just you and those annoying robot contacts like Smarterchild
8. Watch Moulin Rouge
9. Re-watch the "Roxanne" tango from Moulin Rouge
10. Use your curling iron to make tight ringlets in your hair...but they only go wavy the next morning I suppose.
11. Cut out old magazines and make collages
12. Try to make fairy cakes in the kitchen without waking everyone
13. Make lots and lots of mix CD's and playlists on itunes for the soundtrack of the movie that you aspire to make.
14. Look up who made the Best Dressed lists on
15. Think serioously about writing a novel. Then laugh at the fact that you ever thought you had the discipline to accomplish something like that.

So if you ever have insomnia you got 15 ways to kill time before the sunlight streams in through your windows and you get even more depressed cause it's time for school and no amount of concealer in the world can hide those bags under your eyes. I realise it would be more constructive to let you know how to make insomnia go away so you're actually able to sleep but believe me, if I knew that I wouldn't bother about fiiguring out ways to pass the time. I guess If worse comes to worst start reading "War and Peace" by Tolstoy. I get that it's this huge literary masterpiece but man, it's a snooze-fest.


  1. I like this. I have insomnia I'll give em a try! I especially like your number 13 idea. Laura

    that is mine

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