Wednesday, 1 July 2009

"We're here for the bank's money, not yours."- Public Enemies

Today, Michael Mann's latest film, Public Enemies, was released in the UK so naturally I went to see it. I usually buy dvds or watch movies online (and if you saw the prices of cinema tickets nowadays you'd probably think it a wise decision) but every now and then a film comes along where I think, "You'd regret missing the chance to see this on the big screen" and this was one I had my eye on for some time. I mean a Crime/Drama/Thriller starring the tour-de-force that is the beautiful & talented Marion Cottillard in company with the equally talented & handsome Johnny Depp and Christian Bale...this movie screams "MUST SEE!" I didn't know all that much about John Dillinger prior to this film to be perfectly honest so, even though it's not a biopic, I can't assess how much is fiction and how much is historical fact but that doesn't deter from the fact that this was a superbly crafted cat-and-mouse drama with an excellent soundtrack. The camera work was slightly poor but the acting was no less than powerful to make up for it. I was nervous, initially, about Cotillard's Academy-Award winning performance skills to be wasted as just the "token female" but her role really progressed and, especially towards the end, she became a vital part of the plot. Bale, I mean goes without saying that he was excellent as the determined agent Melvin Pervis and last but not at all least is the living legend that is Mr Johnny Depp. Now I'm not someone who worships him but I can't deny that his body of work, his filmography, is pretty damn impressive. He has that rare ability to carry and command the screen like a leading man but is still an excellent character actor with tremendous range that applies himself to every single role 110% and it damn well pays off, especially as the notorious bank robber John. The relationships between the characters were well structured, especially between John and Cotillard's character, Billie, who's relationship is driven by real love and it's actually believable. Add some nailbiting suspenseful moments and some easy humour and you got a film which is not too shabby. Really reccomend this film. xoxoxox

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